13770 Commits (cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Crypto City 4c7801aa9a game: add a richest player leaderboard 3 months ago
  Crypto City b0ec4cb410 game: add thr0lu5 to credits 5 months ago
  Thr0lu5 f249c69e44 game: snowfall add transparency 6 months ago
  Thr0lu5 bef63d2134 game: light camera color intensity 6 months ago
  Thr0lu5 396b0a722a game: cube shader optimize 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 a2eca8ef81 game: texture: Sandstone Pack 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 ed15ceb22f game: add data: cubes shader 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 6ee6986a30 game: push shadow distance 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 4c0fbd4f6a game: camera light to physical values 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 3f1c89d7f9 game: remove redundant function call 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 375d6c2efb game: lit selected cubes + colors 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 c52d0d265f game: slower selection pulse 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 2fc7cc6be1 game: ownership shader 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 6e8f207ced game: gizmo shader update for ownership use 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 e498aefcf4 game: less saturated random colors 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 ede17b6a4a game: gizmo shader 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 0eca8f74a4 game: gizmo colors 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 c3f8ae74bd game: config: terrain shadows (need fix: subsampling and terrain shadows not loading config values at start) 7 months ago
  Crypto City 63cad24345 game: remove obsolete space skybox 5 months ago
  Thr0lu5 285da7d492 game: texture: night stars 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 065102f7e8 game: default daytime 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 d4104362ff game: post: add ColorLUT 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 576648d122 game: post: add Bloom 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 7c59156857 game: light system clean up 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 ab8dd13d10 game: ambiance influence on clouds colors 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 410c0a3369 game: fog uses ambient colors 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 fb2fe3639a game: fog distance 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 2d13424e19 game: ambient colors values 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 b08940269f game: custom TF icon 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 698e50c4b6 game: shader: whisper interpolate with day cycle 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 313948db3a game: shader: whisper to add 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 2c3b0f2375 game: texture: clouds 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 f3ad094dac game: cloud lights to physical values + yellowish clouds sunrise 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 09c9902256 game: ui: build-overview 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 787f7d1e12 game: ui: main 7 months ago
  Crypto City d2a1940842 game: print an error on invalid config setting 5 months ago
  Thr0lu5 eb51aac4f5 game: config: when invalid set lowest 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 f3ac1c057d game: sun to physical values 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 5c4e8d72ba game: texture: Runed Gizmo 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 ee829da0ac game: post: add SSAO 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 8d432242da game: fix: default terrain subsampling 1 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 2132d7e4a1 game: config: specular 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 60437543dc game: config: add Texture Filter 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 6e0f58dc24 game: post: add FXAA 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 a10a65d9da game: config: add GammaCorrection 7 months ago
  Crypto City 85ed261c2d game: restore options buttons to button-like for clarity 5 months ago
  Thr0lu5 da44d3796a game: options ui reorg 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 33f0ea5475 game: semi-transparent clouds 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 b5d46f0b46 game: Terrain Neutral to mid grey low specular 7 months ago
  Thr0lu5 d56875ce50 game: remove light leak 7 months ago